This talented professional makeup artist, now based in Montreal, Canada, has a busy schedule when it comes to her magical touch. You may see her work in the fashion and film industry or in a commercial.

María discovered her passion at only 8 years old. At 16 her talent started to get noticed by family and friends when María started doing her own makeup for parties and events, soon they asked her to do it for them as well.

Getting professional training was a natural path for her, and at L’Oréal she got more than she bargained for. Learning deep about this industry, she jumped headfirst into the career she loves.

Like anybody else, she encountered many challenges when moving to Canada at the beginning of 2019. However, her inner courage and strength made her overcome the cold weather and the language barrier.

She quickly found people who appreciated her professional work and they spread the word. Now with a solid network, Maria feels the value she adds working in Canadian soil.

Speaker, Trainer and Consultant in Makeup and Fashion Conferences and Courses, her expertise has taken her to the international scene like Miami, Panama, Brazil and now Montreal.

Besides all of that, she has projects of her own and collaborates with the platform Digital Dominium on streaming ventures.

“I am grateful that I have worked with so many talented people, and that brought me where I am now.”  María Bolívar


Instagram: @makeuprofesional

Facebook: Maria Bolivar Fashion & Makeup



Cover and second image: María Bolívar, Personal Archives

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