The Hope For Venezuelan Refugees Team, in partnership with United4Change Center (U4C), is raising funds to support Phase 5 of the Hope For Venezuelan Refugees Project, an emergency response effort to help alleviate hunger affecting the Venezuelan refugees, migrants and walkers “caminantes” on the Cúcuta-Pamplona humanitarian route.  This project is led by Rotarian Cristal Montañéz Baylor from the Rotary e-Club of Houston and former Miss Venezuela 1977. 

Access to food is a fundamental human right* and is the main priority in the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis. *Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 25). 

Our initial goal is to raise $25,000 to provide 49,000 “soup meals” for a period of 20 weeks. You can join this emergency response effort to make a positive impact and benefit hundreds of Venezuelan refugees, migrants, and walkers “caminantes” with hope and the fundamental human right of access to food. 

During Phase 5, the following Food Distribution Centers are receiving the needed food commodities to prepare and distribute 350 “soup meals” per day:

  • Punto Hidratación Hermanos Caminantes Venezolanos y Colombianos, Pamplonita, North of Santander
  • Albergue Hogar de Paso Marta Duque, Pamplona, North of Santander
  • Albergue Vanessa, Pamplona, North of Santander
  • Centro de Apoyo Mery, El Alto de Pamplona, North of Santander

Each “soup meal” consists of:

  • A nutritious bowl of chicken & vegetable soup
  • An arepa (traditional Venezuelan cornbread)
  • A cup of hot panela water (unrefined whole cane sugar) 
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